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How to youtube video download

I know you have been troubled for a long time, and the reason for your problem is how to youtube video download.
Today the whole world has come to YouTube, There was a time when no one knew it, YouTube was used just to listen to the song. But YouTube has changed that over time. Which you and we never imagined. It became the world’s largest video engine. Ever since the option of video monetization came on YouTube, Started becoming a YouTuber since then

This site will give you relief from the biggest problem. You watch a lot of videos on YouTube every day, But you like some video. But it does not have that option, you can save that video in your phone gallery. But you will get the option to YouTube video download. How to youtube videos download know step by step.



Desktop user

If you use desktop, Meaning you run Youtube on the desktop. And you have to download YouTube videos on the desktop. So you will find my site very helpful. You can download any video in just three steps. Let us know which are those stages.
Copy Paste and Download

Copy –  youtube video download

You play YouTube on the desktop, Then you will see the share button or option. So you click that button, after some time you will get a link in one box and copy button or option in another box. Then you have to click on the button or option of that copy, click the link of that box will be copied. After copying it will be blue colored for that box. This process has to be understood properly and read.

Come to this site.

You copied the link to the desktop, That is, you completed the first step then comes the next step. After copying you have to go to Google or any search engine you go to the search engine? You have to search you ‘’ Shortly after entering, you will land on this site On which you are reading this article?

Paste – YouTube video download

After you visit this site, you will see a red box at the top of this site. And this is our destination, Where you have to reach, you will find an empty box as soon as you see the Redbox, you have to paste it into that box. You must remember the first step, where we copied the link of Youtube.

 Youtube video download

As soon as you paste the link in the box, you will see the download button on the right side, you have to click on that button, After clicking, the waiting image will come, after some time a new page will land, on that page you will see the thumbnail of the video. Below that you will see the option of sharing, and then below you will see the option of downloading, there will be two options in it, one is High Reservation and the other is Low Reservation, after that, you have to decide one, which reservation video you have to download. 
Decide and click on the download button, YouTube video downloading will start as soon as you click. After just a few minutes your favorite video will be delivered to your phone. You have seen how simple it is to download YouTube videos and especially from the desktop. I hope you have understood the whole desktop process. Let’s see how to download YouTube videos on mobile

Smartphone user

You have read how to download YouTube videos from desktop, but I tell you how to download YouTube videos from mobile. Just as the desktop is a process, the process is similar to a mobile. You can download videos of YouTube instantly using some steps from mobile.
You have to go to the share button and by touching it you will get a box of copy, that box is different from the box of the desktop, you can see in the image that you will understand.
Touch the box above that copy, a link will be copied as soon as you touch it. After that, you have to do the same procedure to download YouTube videos as the procedure was done to download YouTube videos from Dekstop.
The link is copied, you have to come to this site, and post the link in the red box. After that, the option of downloading will come, you have to choose the option of downloading after deciding the format. The video will be in your phone gallery as soon as you click on the option.